Alaris LVP 8100 Parts

We offer parts in both parts in both NEW and Recertified Condition.

New parts are either OEM Original or Remanufactured by a Third-Party company (OEM Replacement)

*The manufacturers listed are the holders of their respective names and/or trademarks, and are not to be
taken as an endorsement or affiliation with I.V. Technologies,Inc.

New Condition Parts
Description Part Number Cross Reference Condition – Quality
Battery 49000167 TC1001669 OEM (Replacement)
Bezel Hinge Pin Kit 30110OEM OEM (Replacement)
Case, Rear 10013325-NOEM OEM (Replacement)
Door Assembly (Front Door/ Keypad) 49000239-NOEM 10360242 OEM (Replacement)
Door Assembly (Front Door/ Keypad) 49000222-NOEM 147085-100 49000411 OEM (Replacement)
Hinge Pin Kit 30110-NOEM OEM (Replacement)
IUI Connector (Right) 147077-100-NOEM OEM (Replacement)
IUI Connector (Left) 147078-100-NOEM OEM (Replacement)
Latch Kit 147080-100-NOEM OEM (Replacement)
Lever Torsion Springs (25 pack) 101481-NOEM OEM (Replacement)
Power Cord Universal 142758 OEM (Replacement)
Bezel Assy Membrane Frame TC10006587 10013081 OEM (Original)
Pressure Control Set 8100-PCS OEM (Original)
Pressure Sensor 143715-100 OEM (Original)
Rate Control Set 8100-RCS OEM (Original)
Recertified Parts
Description Part Number Cross Reference Condition – Quality
AIL Sensor (Exchange Required) 49000221 147083-102 49000295 49000355 Tested
Bezel Assembly (Exchange Required) 49000204 10964559 Tested
Bezel Assy Door Cover TC10006460 147930-000 Tested
Board, Logic TC10003553 12281195 Tested
Board, Motor Control TC10008153 TC10006234, 145496-101 Tested
Board, Display TC10004754 TC10004632 Tested
Bezel Assy Door Cover TC10006460 147930-000 Tested
Platen/Spring Hinge Assembly 148438-100 Tested
Latch Kit 147080-100 Tested
IUI Bracket TC10008302 146173-001 Tested
Case, Rear 10013325 Tested
Door Assembly (Front Door/ Keypad) 49000239 10360242 Tested
Door Latch Assembly 49000222 147085-100 Tested
148035-001 148035-001 Tested
Network card cover TC10003666 Tested
Carefusion Medley LVP 8100 pump (patient ready) FP-8100 Tested
Pressure Sensor Board Assy 147482-104 Tested
Display Retainer TC10004547 Tested
Cable, 50 pin dual assembly 320129 Tested
Motor Mount TC10009523 146195-000 Tested

Alaris LVP 8100 is one of the best infusion pumps in the market. It is amongst the most preferred infusion pumps globally. Our aim is to help you reduce the cost of ownership and maintenance of Alaris infusion pumps.

At I.V. Technologies Inc., we offer the highest quality Alaris 8100 replacement parts. Our new infusion pump parts like battery, door assembly, hinge pin kit, latch kit, and pressure sensor etc., are designed to meet the strictest quality control standards. Whether you are looking for a new Alaris infusion pump part or re-certified Alaris 8100 replacement parts, we stock both.

Each of our new parts is either OEM Original or Re-manufactured by the third-party company (OEM replacement).

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