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 Part Number
IVT-PC1 Patient-Ready PC-1 w/1yr warranty
IVT-PC2 Patient-Ready PC-2TX w/1yr warranty
IVT-PC4 Patient-Ready PC-4 w/1yr warranty
20-1314-1 Air-In-Line Sensor
20-1328-1 Door Assembly, Left
20-1328-2 Door Assembly, Right
20-1329-1 Door Sensor Assembly
10-2037-7 A/C Hood Receptacle
980-1015-1 Power Cord Wrap Assembly
142758 Power Cord 10′ – NEW
10-1132-4 Pump Mechanism Assembly
20-1331-1 Speaker Assembly
20-1194-2 Strain Beam Transducer Assembly
10-1180-1 Volume Control POT/Lock Out Button
142319 PC-1 Display Board Rev. 7.1
10-1134-4 PC-1 Front Case w/keypad Rev 7.1
143897 PC-1 Rear Case
143480 PC-1 Logic Board Rev. 7.1
142342 PC-1 Power Supply Board Rev. 7.1
20-2383-7 PC-2TX Front Case w/keypad
20-1277-1 PC-2TX LCD Assembly
143181 PC-2TX Logic Board Assembly
142330 PC-2TX Motor Controller Board
142328 PC-2TX Display Board LED
142329 PC-2TX Power Supply Board
20-1317-2 PC-4 Door Assembly, Left Inner Channel B
20-1317-3 PC-4 Door Assembly, Right Inner Channel C
40-2060-9 PC-4 Front Case Assembly
40-2016-7 PC-4 Keypad
40-1108-1 PC-4 LCD Assembly
142339 PC-4 LED Display Channel A
142335 PC-4 LED Display Channel B and C
142338 PC-4 LED Display Channel D
142337 PC-4 Logic Board
142327 PC-4 Motor Controller Board
142326 PC-4 Power Supply Board