Infusomat Space

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 Part Number
34521380 Air in line sensor
8713180 Battery
34521321 Battery compartment cover
34521453 Bottom inner frame
34521577 Cover, Drip Sensor Connector
34521429 Door Bolt Drive
34521496 Door Bolt ISP
34521364 Front Frame
34521305 Housing, bottom part ISP
34521313 Housing, upper part ISP
FP-Space Infusomat Space Pump
34521437 Inner frame
34520988 LC display board
34520937 Loudspeaker SP
34521356 Membrane
34521488 Metal Sheet
34521470 Operating unit ISPS (Exchange)
34521445 Pressure Adjustment Unit
34521372 Pressure Sensor ISP
34521348 Processor PCP ISP (Exchange)
34521402 Pump Frame
34521399 Safety Clamp
34521330 Slide Guide
34521410 Stepper Motor