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 Part Number
​FP-Out100 Patient-Ready Outlook 100 pump
IVT-Out200 Patient-Ready Outlook 200 pump
FZ501253 Air-in-Line Block Assembly
FZ0021-1pk Air-in-Line Pusher Kit (1)
FZ0021 Air-in-Line Pusher Kit (6)
FZ0107 Bar Code Lens
FZ127024 Battery
FZ401435-1pk Battery Door (1)
FZ401435 Battery Door (5)
FZ501685 Case, Bottom
FZ501686 Case, Top Outlook 100
FZ0108 Case, Top Outlook 200
FZ8904 Case, Top Outlook 300/400
FZ501683 Cosmetic Bezel Outlook 100
FZ501688 Cosmetic Bezel Outlook 200
FZ00501721 Cosmetic Bezel Outlook 300
FZ00501750N Cosmetic Bezel Outlook 400
FZ0047-1pk Door Clip (1)
FZ0047 Door Clip (40)
FZ501577 Door Handle Assembly
FZ0055 Fan
FZ8903-1pk Flat Door Spring (1)
FZ8903 Flat Door Spring (10)
FZ501999 Free Flow Receptacle
FZ501694R Half Door/Bezel (V25, green) (Exchange)
FZ00501938R Half Door/Bezel (ARM9, blue) (Exchange)
FZ435160 LCD Display Assembly
FZ00501753R Main Board (ARM9, blue)
FZ501574R Main Board Assembly Outlook 100
FZ501729R Main Board Assembly Outlook 200
FZ00501738R Main Board Assembly Outlook 300
FZ0020-1pk Main Board Fuse (1)
FZ00401516-1pk Outlook Feet (1)
FZ00401516 Outlook Feet (20)
FZ501163-1pk Petal Cover Assembly (single)
FZ001163 Petal Cover Assembly Master Pack (25)
FZ501583 Pole Clamp
FZ135016 Power Cord
FZ501731-1pk Power Cord Strap
FZ501731 Power Cord Strap (10)
FZ435199 Power Supply Assembly
FZ501263 Pressure Transducer
FZ0028 Restriction Motor
FZ435027 Roller Latch kit (2)
FZ435555 Security Button (white)
FZ00501678 Speaker
FZ501333 Strain Release
FZ00501763 Wireless Bridge Assembly