PLUM 1.6

The manufacturers listed are the holders of their respective names and/or trademarks, and are not to be
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 Part Number
IVT-Plum16 Recertified Pump w/one year warranty
855-03611-008 Pump Mechanism Assembly (*w/trade-in)
840-03481-014 Assembly Heatsink with Dataport
810-03304-970 PWA, Main Board
819-03313-904 PWA, Display
810-03305-924 PWA, I/O with Dataport
810-03644-911 PWA, Power Supply
810-94205-903 PWA, Current Boost, Charger
830-03328-001 Assembly, Transformer, Plum 1.6
IV830 Battery 8 Volt 3 AH – New
826-11518-001 AC Power Cord 10′ – NEW
710-29003-022 Knob, Pole Clamp
727-03284-002 Clamp, Shaft, Pole
812-03279-002 Front Touch Panel (no display or keyboard)
840-03312-828 Assembly, Front Touch Panel (w/display, keyboard)
840-03312-901 Assembly, Rear Cover Case
840-03333-921 Assembly, Front Cover Case
712-03238-903 Front Door Handle
725-36531-003 Velcro Power Cord Strap