Plum XL

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 Part Number
IVT-XLD Recertified Pump w/one year warranty
840-00534-916 Pump Mechanism Assembly (*w/trade-in)
840-05924-001 Pole Clamp Assembly
830-03650-905 Battery (8V 3Ah) NEW
855-05901-811 PWA, Display
810-05701-906 PWA, MCU
810-05903-902 PWA, Buzzer
810-05916-906 PWA, Power Supply
840-05707-001 Assembly, Rear Enclosure Complete
840-05713-002 Assembly, Front Enclosure Complete
840-00555-002 Assembly, Opener/Handle
840-00537-003 Assembly, Door
712-00541-005 Enclosure Front Plum XL Series
712-00634-006 Chasis, Main XL Series
712-05906-003 Enclosure, Rear w/Port
712-05904-001 Enclosure, Rear
712-00524-004 Cover, Door
712-00525-005 Shield, Mechanism